Little Victory

Conceived, Written and Performed by Muriel Miguel
Directed by Muriel Borst-Tarrant

Red Mother is the latest tour de force for writer and performer Muriel Miguel. This is the compelling story of Belle, an old Native woman and mother, who travels with her red cart and her magical horse and companion Blue Fred, through endless wars, witnessing the devastation of her people. Belle is a survivor; cunning and manipulative; raging and funny. The production explores the desires of the craven women who live in Native society, not the noble mothers but the failed ones.

Red Mother is about the importance of the responsibility of motherhood and the consequences of failing. Through her struggle, Belle embraces her legacy and inspires a promise for the future.

Inspired by Mother Courage, Red Mother interweaves Brechtian themes with demon tales an integral part of the mythology of the Kuna people. Developed in collaboration with Loose Change Productions, the production is a tribute to those who have been lost and to their stories of survival.